Partner Program

Join Hardal's Partnership Program

Join us at Hardal and help lead your customer first-party focused server-side measurement solutions.

Why Partner with Hardal?

  • Earn More

    • Start Strong: Kick things off with a 10% commission and increase it to up to 20% over time.
    • Keep Earning: We believe in lasting partnerships. You’ll keep getting paid for the clients you refer as long as they stay with us.
  • Your Tools for Success

    • Marketing Made Simple: We provide all you need to grab attention and get results, from tailored pages to standout graphics.
  • Payments Made Easy

    • Monthly Pay: Get your commission in your bank every month.
    • No Delays: Once your earnings reach $100, we send your money without delay.

How to Become a Partner

It's easy to start:


Just fill the Hardal Partner Program form here (opens in a new tab)

Quick Chat

Let's have a brief talk to make sure we fit well together.


After signing an NDA/Partner Agreement, you'll get your partner account.


Once you make over $100 in monthly commissions, you'll start seeing your earnings

Rule Set

There are two tiers:

  • Tier I: 10% commission rate on all the clients that the partner refers.
  • Tier II: 20% commission rate on all the clients that the partner refers. Partners will reach level 2 once they surpass $500 in monthly commissions.
  • Payments are made monthly once the commission passes $100.
  • The commissions are only given for the sGTM solution. The program does not apply to Adjust Event Server Callback Endpoint, Hardal API Gateway, and META CAPI Gateway Solutions.
  • The payments are made by the end of the month via invoicing.
  • The partnership starts after organizing a call and signing an agreement.

Got Questions?

Are there benefits beyond revenue sharing?

Absolutely! Beyond the baseline revenue, Hardal's partner program is tiered for growth:

  • Tier 1: Begin with a focus on revenue sharing once you surpass $100 in monthly commissions.
  • Tier 2: Surpassing $500 in monthly commissions from referrals escalates you to Level 2, bumping your revenue share to 20%. You'll also gain exclusive access to our dedicated support for server-side tracking insights and a monthly one-hour Q&A session for any in-depth discussions or support.
How and when do I get paid?

We pay monthly once you hit at least $100 in commissions.