Getting Started
Meta Conversions API Gateway (CAPI)

Meta Conversions API Gateway

The Conversions API Gateway is a self-serve configuration option in Events Manager. It enables businesses to integrate following best practices guidance and send events with the Meta Pixel and the Conversions API in a redundant set up, without dedicated developer resources, so no third-party partners or coding is necessary.

More details on Meta (opens in a new tab)

Choose Meta Conversion API Gateway in container configuration section and fill the container required fields.

Container Name

Container's display name on the app.

  • Example: MySGTMContainer

We recommend using a related name with your web or app.

Gateway Name

Add the name of the business or organization that this managed account will support.


We recommend using a name that corresponds with a related Meta Business Account.

Container Locations

Your SGTM cloud server locations. Once you setup, you couldn't change this location. Default location is us-central1 (Iowa).


Hardal is currently running server locations that available on Google Cloud Run.

  • asia-east1 (Taiwan)
  • asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
  • asia-northeast2 (Osaka)
  • europe-north1 (Finland)
  • europe-southwest1 (Madrid)
  • europe-west1 (Belgium)
  • europe-west4 (Netherlands)
  • europe-west8 (Milan)
  • europe-west9 (Paris)
  • me-west1 (Tel Aviv)
  • us-central1 (Iowa)
  • us-east1 (South Carolina)
  • us-east4 (Northern Virginia)
  • us-east5 (Columbus)
  • us-south1 (Dallas)
  • us-west1 (Oregon)

Gateway Data Enrichment

Your Conversions API Gateway instance can store hashed advanced matching data in cookies on your website and send it with your events to the Conversions API.


Gateway Data Enrichment can help you attribute more conversions and show your ads to people that find them relevant. More details on Meta (opens in a new tab)

  • Configure advanced settings based on your project requirements.
  • Click Deploy to generate the container with the specified containers.

Once you deploy your container, you will receive an invitation e-mail from Hardal to your e-mail and follow the instructions.


Invitation e-mail will be sent to your Hardal account email.

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