Collection of useful questions and answers.

Does Hardal use Google Cloud Run or AWS?

Hardal uses Google Cloud run and/or AWS for both server-side Google Tag Manager and Meta Conversions API Gateway to ensure the best results as cost-effective as possible.

How does Hardal optimize Google Cloud Run or AWS?

Hardal runs a daily algorithm to optimize our committed Cloud Run, AWS Kubernetes, and other instances dynamically for each request.

This way, we can deploy each instance to serve a cost-effective server-side measurement environment without any in-house development or cloud configuration.

Can I access to Google Cloud Run containers?

Yes. To get access, please reach us at [email protected]

My container status revoked. What should I do?

Sorry to hear that. Please reach us at [email protected]

My container is building too long. What should I do?

Please reach us [email protected]