Custom Domain

Adding Custom Subdomain

You can add custom domain to each containers differently. This domain will cover your all containers.

If you want to use another custom domain, you have to create another project.


We highly recommend to add a custom subdomain for the correct performance of server-side measurement, avoiding ad-blockers and using first-party cookies.

  • Go to Container Settings
  • Go to "Domains" tab
  • Enter your custom subdomain
    • Example:

A Record Configuration

To configure your apex domain (, follow the steps below:

1. DNS Provider Settings

Configure the following A record on your DNS provider to proceed:

Acollect.example.comHardal Provided DNS Value86400

Hardal Provided DNS value can be change according to your sGTM container location. Please make you sure copy the right value.

Getting Hardal Provided DNS
  • Go to Hardal dashboard and Navigate to Domains your container
  • Copy the Hardal Provided DNS

Getting Hardal Provided DNS

If the TTL (Time To Live) of 86400 is not available, set the highest value possible. Keep in mind that domain propagation can take up to 72 hours, including SSL provisioning.

2. Verification

After configuring the A record, perform the following steps for verification:

  • Verify that the A record matches the provided values.
  • Double-check the domain ( for accuracy.

You can also use dig to check your custom domain status:



3. Propagation and SSL Provisioning

Be aware that domain propagation can take up to 72 hours. Additionally, SSL provisioning may take some time. Monitor the status and ensure that the SSL certificate is successfully provisioned for your custom domain.

Once completed, your SGTM instance will be accessible using the custom domain.


Note: This guide provides general steps. Specific steps may vary based on your DNS provider's interface. Refer to your DNS provider's documentation for detailed instructions, like Cloudflare, GoDaddy.