Billing & Payments

Collection of useful questions and answers regarding billing & payment.

How does Hardal's pricing system work?

At Hardal, our pricing model is designed with scalability in mind. We charge based on event volume, which means the cost per event decreases as your volume increases. We can also minimize the costs depending on the need using our algorithm.

Also, offering for yearly plans allows us to offer even better pricing, as we can purchase storage in bulk.


Let's assume you have a monthly total of 20 million events tracked in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and 1.8 events per request.

Then you will charged about 10 Million server-side billable requests (rounded up)

How can I do the payments?

You have the flexibility to direct billing either to an individual or a corporate entity. Payment can be made via credit card and can be set up for monthly or yearly billing cycles.

What happens if I surpass the limit?

In case you exceed the number of events allocated in your current package, you will automatically be upgraded to the next package tier starting the following month. We will notify you in advance as you approach your package limits, so there are no surprises.

I want to terminate Hardal, how does it work?

If you choose to terminate your Hardal services, you can do so during the next payment window. After that, any data storage or retention responsibilities will need to be managed on your end.

I want to stop using Hardal, do I get a refund?

While we strive for customer satisfaction, it's important to note that we do not offer refunds for partially used periods. Refunds, if applicable, are provided according to our Terms of Service (opens in a new tab) and Refund (opens in a new tab)

Do I pay additional taxes?

Additional taxes or fees may apply based on your jurisdiction. These are not included in the listed price and will be detailed separately on your invoice.

Can I pay with something else than U.S. Dollars?

No. All prices are in USD, and we do not account for fluctuating exchange rates for international clients. Most credit cards do the exchange at the transaction's date & time rate.

How can I get my invoice?

Your invoice will be sent to the email address you share while logging in. If you need more help or didn't receive it, reach us out at [email protected]